The Printing Lab will closed from 24/12/2018 and re-open on 14/01/2019.

All album orders required before Christmas must be received by Friday 7/12/2018.

As of March 2018 we have finally decommissioned all our Silver Halide printers and processors. Currently Sydney is down to 2 Lambda’s in operation. It is only a matter of time when there will be no Lambda’s in operation within Australia.

Our new email address is now ==>

We made the decision to move to gmail when we experienced difficulties trying to maintain our old email account and with little help from our previous service provider.

Google mail has provided us with a better supported mail system going forward.


As of the 1st of Jan 2016 – Durst Phototechnik, have now stopped all upgrades, R&D and spare parts for their Silver Halide machines.
This decision not only affects The Printing Lab but every other Pro-lab in the world that has a Durst Lambda or Epsilon printer.
We believe this decision will eventually lead to the gradual end of silver halide printing within a decade. We have 3 wide-format Durst machines still in operation and we will continue offering silver halide printing as long as possible.

Moving forward The Printing Lab will focus on inkjet technologies for our photographic and signage needs.
We have invested into 4 wide-format hi-resolution inkjet printers, three pigment ink and one hi-resolution eco-solvent 7 colour printer.

With the advancements in paper and ink technologies, inkjet prints match and in some cases surpass the traditional silver halide prints.